Changes to Standards

  • The Seed Standards have been amended to include a new seed grade called “A+ Grade”
  • Seed Storage “Commercial Plus Standard” will now be called “Medium Term Standard”

Previously, seed stored at “Medium Term Standard” also needed to have “filled viable seeds per gram” recorded to be “A Grade.” This will now be called “A+ Grade” seed. “A Grade” seed will still need to be stored at “Medium Term Standard” but will not require the recording of “filled viable seeds per gram.”


The Florabank website is no longer available. The Florabank Guidelines are currently being updated by ANPC over the next 18 months. The current Florabank Guidelines are still available on the Greening Australia website at the following link:

Please see our “Accreditation” page for the updated Seed Standards and Seed Standards Appendix documents dated 191021.