RIAWA has represented the native seed industry in WA since 2003. Over this time RIAWA had been approached by several mining companies and State Government departments to develop an appropriate system for accrediting native seed that is bought and sold in WA, as no such system previously existed. After extensive stakeholder and industry consultation over a five year period the RIAWA committee developed the RIAWA Native Seed Accreditation System. The primary aim of the system is to raise the quality assurance and sustainability of seed collection and supply in Western Australia.

The backbone of the Native Seed Accreditation System are the RIAWA Seed Standards which have been developed from the Florabank Guidelines. The standards establish appropriate practices regarding seed harvesting, processing, storage, marketing and supply, payment of contractors and staff, seed orcharding, and collector training. Most experienced seed collectors and suppliers would already be aware and following most of these practices, and would need minimal adjustment of their practices to align their current practices with those of the RIAWA standards.

The RIAWA Accreditation Guidelines explain how the accreditation system is managed. Accredited collectors and suppliers must be members of the association and thereby commit to the RIAWA Code of Practice. Costs are kept to a minimum to encourage participation in the scheme and not be a deterrent or barrier for entry for smaller collectors.

Main Advantages for Buyers

  • Confidence that the seed being purchased has been collected sustainably and is of specified quality
  • ability to compare “apples with apples” in terms of prices and quality offered from different suppliers
  • access to a list of accredited seed suppliers and collectors on the RIAWA website.

Main Advantages for Collectors / Suppliers

  • Industry recognition of quality to help differentiate your products and services
  • ability to differentiate product quality by seed grade
  • promoted on the list of accredited seed suppliers and collectors on the RIAWA website.