The Revegetation Industry Association of Western Australia (Inc) was formed in 2003 by a collection of corporate, private, and government bodies to provide a voice for the industry in which they are all involved.

The aim was to have members from all sectors of the industry co-operate in creating a code of practice, and a set of objectives to ensure that all revegetation and rehabilitation works conducted both now and in the future are to the highest standards possible.

While several other important associations already exist, including the Environmental Consultants Association, Nursery Industry Association, and Australian Association of Bush Regenerators, the revegetation industry is more than just the sum of these associations.

Our members will benefit from coordinated representation and involvement in revegetation and rehabilitation practices and the development of industry standards. We therefore encourage membership and participation from all sectors of the industry, including:

  • Revegetation operators,
  • Seed collectors and suppliers,
  • Nurseries and plant propagators,
  • Earthworks and surface cultivators,
  • Weed managers,
  • Botanists, zoologists and ecologists,
  • Mining sector, and
  • Industry regulators and decision makers.