RIAWA Members benefit from coordinated representation and involvement in revegetation and rehabilitation practices and the development of industry standards.

Online Training Module

Developed to provide training in the RIAWA Seed Standards and Seed Accreditation System. Topics include legislation and licensing, harvesting, drying and processing, storage, and more. All collectors and suppliers must successfully complete the training course to become RIAWA Accredited.

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Seed Purity and Viability Database

With tens of thousands of native flora species in WA there is a wide variety in seed size, shape, viability, and dormancy. Having quality information allows for better planning and outcomes, and allows seed purchasers to make informed decisions to ensure they get the best value for money. RIAWA have compiled an exhaustive seed purity and viability database, setting minimum standards for commercial seed purity, and consolidating viability and germination information from a number of sources. Non-members are free to access the purity data, and members are able to access the full dataset.

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Winning Photos

Congratulations to Keith Smith who submitted the winning photos in the competition.

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